Automatic transmission control Unit

Automatic transmission control Unit for AMT, AT, DCT, CVT and other automatic transmission, realize automatic control unit,
can further optimize vehicle driving experience, improve dynamic and economy.

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Automatic Transmission Control Unit
—— Overview Of Automatic Transmission Control Unit
The automatic transmission can realize automatic starting and shifting, improve driving comfort and reduce driver fatigue.Automatic transmission can also improve vehicle power performance, improve fuel economy and emissions, has gradually become the basic configuration of modern vehicles.The automatic transmission system is composed of TCU, gear selection and clutch mechanism. TCU collects sensor information and can bus data, and controls the action of the actuator after calculation and processing. It is the core of the automatic transmission control system.

TCU mainly includes controller hardware and controller software, and the controller software includes basic software and application software. Different controller hardware is required for different transmission types and sensor actuator configurations. Rapidecu controller hardware series can support at / AMT / DCT / CVT and other types of automatic transmission, and support switch solenoid valve, proportional solenoid valve, relay, DC motor, stepper motor and other actuators.

TCU basic software first needs to provide the interface between TCU hardware and application software, secondly, it needs to make reasonable task scheduling for each function module of application software, thirdly, it needs to realize the monitoring and management of controller hardware, and finally needs to implement a series of standard protocols. TCU basic software adopts the full-automatic code generation software of ecucoder matching with TCU. The application software of TCU adopts ATMaster, which is a control algorithm model for automatic transmission. It is developed based on MATLAB / Simulink / ecucoder, which can realize the control of different types of automatic transmission. The model adopts modular structure with clear hierarchical structure, and can add or reduce corresponding function modules according to different types and configurations of speed change, so as to achieve the control of target automatic transmission System requirements.

Type Description
System input Speed sensor (frequency signal)
Gear position sensor (switch signal)
Fork position sensor (analog signal)
Mode switch (switch signal)
Temperature sensor (analog signal)
EMS status information (bus signal)
MCU status information (bus signal)
HCU status information (bus signal), etc
System output
Switching solenoid valve (power switch)
Proportional solenoid valve (constant current drive)
Solenoid valve relay (power switch)
DC motor (H-bridge drive)
Stepper motor (double H-bridge drive)
Torque change request (bus signal)
TCU status information (bus signal), etc

—— Controller Model For Automatic Transmission Control Unit
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