In recent years, Governments around the world and OEMs develop the energy saving and new energy vehicle and help the new technologies into products. new energy vehicles is a new type of power system, wholly or mainly rely on new energy vehicles, including pure electric vehicles, fuel cell cars and plug-in hybrid cars, electric control system research and development and industrialization is one of the core problems of new energy vehicles.

Fuel-efficient vehicles refer to vehicles with internal combustion engines as the main driving force and fuel consumption of comprehensive working conditions is better than that of the next stage. Traditional cars will remain an absolute majority in consumption over the next thirty years, because the mass adoption of energy efficient vehicles plays a crucial role in easing the energy and environmental pressures in China. The continuous optimization of traditional dynamic vehicle technology is also an important measure to shorten the gap of China's automobile industry and facilitate the development of new energy vehicles and market imports.

Intelligence cars is the new generation car that carrying advanced vehicle sensor, controller, actuator and other devices, and the integration of modern communication and network technology, realize the car network, car network, international network seamless link, information sharing, complex environment perception, intelligent, automation control functions such as collaborative decision-making, it can realize university, safe, comfortable, energy-saving.

Aiming at the control of non-road vehicles, Huahai technology provides the controller rapid development tools, the controller customization and the overall solution of the application layer to help customers establish the rapid development ability of the controller, so that customers have their own and core development ability, making the products unique and innovative. The main development mode of Huahai Technology is based on MATLAB/Simulink software platform to do application layer software development, graphical programming, easy to simulate, at the same time, also supports the software development of CODESYS platform.

Traffic simulation is a kind of technology that uses simulation technology to study traffic behavior. A variety of special roads and traffic conditions can be built accurately through the traffic simulation scene software, so as to realize the prediction, analysis and evaluation of road traffic safety, traffic planning, traffic management and other aspects.

SimCar hardware in loop test system is a complete set of hardware in loop simulation test equipment for testing ECU function, system integration and communication, which can be used in automobile, aviation, weapons, construction machinery and other fields.
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