Application software is the most important component of the ECU, and the function and reliability of ECU is largely determined by its application software. With the continuous development of automotive electronics technology, ECU electronic control system is growing in complexity, and the ECU software frequently faces changes and upgrades. At the beginning of the research and development, generally use the JTAG download a program, BDM or Nexus physical interface to the hardware, but with the deepening of the technology development and product production and after-sales stage, the physical hardware interface to download the way already can't meet the needs of OEM and suppliers.
       The current CAN bus has been widely used in vehicle network applications, so the on-line software of CAN bus is widely used. In the development stage, it is convenient for software developers to design, debug and test software code by using CAN bus to write ECU code online, so as to improve work efficiency and development progress. In the production stage, it CAN be downloaded in batches through the CAN bus online scrollers, which CAN facilitate the updating of the software version, and also eliminate the cost and complexity of physical hardware interfaces such as JTAG and BDM. In after-sales stage, CAN use diagnostic instrument equipment, such as through CAN bus directly to upgrade the ECU software, avoid product recalls due to software defect caused by the huge losses, also CAN provide ECU function with a scalable platform.


CAN Driver
CAN drive module to realize CAN message transceiver and CAN controller hardware operation;
CAN drive mainly consists of the following features:
       •  CAN drive mainly consists of the following features:
       •  CAN message receiving and sending
       •  CAN message event feedback

Flash Driver
Use for Flash erase, write, and read functions,
Flash drive has the following features:
       •  Flash hardware initialization
       •  Erase the Flash sector
       •  Flash block data writes
       •  Flash block data read
       •  Flash block data read

Transport Protocol Layer
The transport layer can implement the following sections (using different transport layer protocols depending on the scheme) :
       •  Specification of transmission protocol based on huhai custom
       •  Transmission protocol specification based on ISO 15765-2
       •  CCP based transmission protocol specification

The transport layer mainly provides the data collection and unpacking function service, which can realize the segmented transmission of the message (segmented transmission) : the subcontracting of long message, and the assembly and reception of the subcontract message.
The transport layer has the following features:
       •  Subcontract and assemble data from the data link layer
       •  Long message flow control and timing parameter adjustment
       •  Error detection and timeout handling during data transmission

Diagnostics Layer
When the transport layer is based on the ISO 15765 protocol specification, the diagnostic layer is integrated into the Bootloader code as an option. The diagnostic layer implements the Bootloader program in ISO 15765-3/ISO 14229-1, which includes diagnostic session switching, safe state switching, identifier reading and writing, program refresh, and ECU reset, etc.
The diagnosis layer mainly has the following characteristics:
       •  Implement the diagnostic service in ISO 14229
       •  Call the Flash Driver

Watch Dog
To prevent Bootloader from overrunning, the watch dog module can generate ECU reset operation after a certain period of time to improve the reliability of the software.
Watchdog timing has the following characteristics:
       •  Monitor the Bootloader timeout or crash and reset the ECU
       •  The timing parameters can be configured arbitrarily
       •  Real time is guaranteed

The encryption algorithm
It is mainly used to deal with software encryption and security access related diagnostic service content to realize the legality and integrity of program download.
The encryption algorithm module has the following features:
       •  Depending on the user's requirements, as an option
       •  Download the tool's legal check, Seed & Key diagnostic service
       •  Program download integrity check, such as CRC check


       In order to realize the on-line brush writing function of CAN bus, we need to develop the Bootloader function software for the target ECU, including the necessary CAN driver, Flash drive, communication protocol and other components. The Bootloader software generally has the following requirements:
       •  The Bootloader and the application must be placed in a different ROM space
       •  Use non-volatile storage units to store information such as flag bits
       •  Different communication protocols need to be supported
       •  Bootloader and the application software cannot simultaneously possess the hardware resources
       •  Due to ECU power loss and other conditions, the program can write fault repair function
       •  Verify the download program
       •  Security access module and encryption algorithm
       •  Watch dog

       Huahai science and technology according to the existing product and solution, combined with years of experience in development of Bootloader, can customize according to the requirements of the client's objectives and the hardware platform FlashBootloader software (including the Bootloader and Flash Driver), at the same time delivery to customers in the form of C source code. Combining with the domestic online flash ECU based on CAN bus, huahai technology CAN provide three different FlashBootloader complete solutions help customers efficient, safe for ECU flash online, customers CAN choose suitable solution according to their own needs.
       Flash brush tool adaptor can use the hardware such as USBCAN, CANCard, CANcase and so on.
       Flash brush tool software can be used in the software such as CANape/MeCa. The MeCa huahai technology independent research and development of a universal ECU calibration measurement tool software, integrates the function of Flash program Flash at the same time, is a simple and easy to use software products, Flash Flash interface is simple and reliable. As shown in the figure below:
Plan 1
       Huahai technologies according to the Bootloader development experience for many years, with reference to ISO 15765 rules, in which transport layer protocol streamlined FlashBootloader online Flash program, including Flash Flash tool, the Bootloader embedded source, Flash drive and Bootloader application source code, etc.

Plan 2
       The FlashBootloader online writing scheme is fully satisfied with the ISO 15765 specification. The Bootloader module is developed based on ISO 15765-2 and ISO 15765-3. The software architecture of each functional module is shown in the following figure:

Plan 3
       Based on the CCP protocol, the FlashBootloader online scour program, the Bootloader module is developed based on CCP protocol standard.


       Integration services mainly include source code integration and delivery, training and technical support.

Code integration and delivery
According to the customer's demand, we will help the customer to do the following work:
       •  The integration of the FlashBootloader software with the user hardware platform
       •  The integration of online writing software and user application software
       •  Flash drive integration with user applications
       •  Delivery of source code
       •  Submit process documentation and instructions

       In the process of integration services, in order to enable users to better master the use of the code and tools, we will provide FlashBootloader integration related knowledge training, including the principle of Bootloader, Bootloader integration method, the tool USES methods and so on.

Technical support
       Provide technical support for software source code, including email, telephone communication and field service.

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