Drivering Simulator

Drivering Simulator are technologies that can provide the entire vehicle development process from design to evaluation.


        RealTime inc. (RTI), located in Detroit, is the world's leading supplier of vehicle simulators with over 20 years of experience in vehicle simulator development and manufacturing.
        The simulator applies to simulation of vehicles, trucks, buses, military vehicles, engineering machinery, tanks and other crawler vehicles. A simulation system for rail vehicles used in metro system has been developed. Customers include ford, gm, Chrysler, nissan, Honda and other major automakers; Engineering machinery manufacturers such as CAT and John Deere; More than a dozen universities, including Mississippi state university, Montana state university, Oregon state university, and defense and space agencies such as Nasa, GuGe, etc.


       The virtual test site is a technology that can provide the entire vehicle development process from design to evaluation. In the design phase, RTI's SimVehicleLT can depict many kinds of cars through modeling simulation. Simulation and operation are played by RTI's SimCreator and SimObserver. SimCreator is a vivid and hierarchical real-time simulation and modeling system, which can quickly and conveniently develop distributed simulation model. RTI also provides SimObserve with a database for the most advanced analysis, and SimObserve is an independent system that can record multiple independent source digital images and data.

Virtual test field composition diagram


         •  According to automotive design requirements, it is converted into design parameters;
         •  Output the car design parameters to SimCreator;
         •  Create test tracking environment and test scenarios;
         •  Create C/C++ control, dynamics, and simulation components;
         •  Test vehicle design and control system is more real-time, faster.

         •  Control simulation;
         •  Design operating environment (cab, power, monitor, voice, etc.);
         •  Integrate multiple vehicle configurations locally or globally;
         •  Record, digital save and simulation.

         •  Prediction/vehicle performance;
         •  Determine the optimal vehicle configuration;
         •  Reducing data elements & performing statistical analysis;
         •  Validate the data element & time flag in the form of a chart.

Virtual test field - driving simulator hardware platform
         •  Sensor for driving and driving signals;
         •  Base motion control computer and steering wheel force feedback system;
         •  Vehicle dynamics computing. (one to multiple);
         •  Graphics rendering computers (one to multiple);
         •  Image projection system and sound system.
      Hardware platform architecture diagram                                                                          Hardware platform physical map

Application field
       •  Vehicle dynamics simulation experiment;
       •  Simulation experiment of vehicle suspension chassis system;
       •  Ergonomic research;
       •  Special vehicle driving training;
       •  Development of multi-vehicle combat simulation system;
       •  As a demonstration platform, enhance image;
       •  Establish the vehicle hardware in the loop simulation system;
       •  Development of auxiliary driving system and unmanned driving system;
       •  Research in the field of traffic safety.


       •  The calculation of vehicle dynamics supports the use of multi-nuclear technology for distributed computing;
       •  Support for distributed computing through Ethernet connections;
       •  Ensure the real-time operation of the model;
       •  The cockpit base can be fixed, 1 degree of freedom, 3 degrees of freedom or 6 degrees of freedom;
       •  For multi-projector system, each projector needs a graphics rendering computer;
       •  High fidelity graphics rendering technology.


       According to the requirements of users at different levels, select the appropriate driving simulator hardware type and customize the simulator program.

Typical simulator type


General motors virtual driving simulator project:

Nissan virtual driving system laboratory project:

Ford driving system laboratory project:

Other driving system laboratory projects:

Some typical customers
Nanjing fordBeijing Jiaotong UniversityBeijing institute of technologyChongqing universityChangsha University of Science & Technologyhui tai,etc.


General motors, ford, Honda, nissan, caterpillar, NASA, GOOGLE, university of Michigan, Stanford university, Massachusetts institute of technology, Ohio state university, university of Wisconsin, etc.
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