RapidECU rapid prototyping level controller is a series of products, can substitute products in the development process of electric control system controller hardware, through the automatic code generation technology, the modeling and simulation phase control algorithm model which is formed by the download to rapid prototyping controller hardware, and connect the actual controlled object, control algorithm of hardware in the loop simulation and physical test, and implement calibration in the early development stage.

ECUCoder is a fully automatic code generation tool based on Simulink, which is used to configure the ECU control algorithm model and basic software model, and automatically generate product code. Support the mainstream chip of automotive electronic control system including freescale HCS12 (MC9S12), HCS12X, MPC55xx, MPC56xx, MPC57xx, etc.

SimCar hardware in loop test system is used to test the function, system integration and communication of electronic control unit (ECU) a complete set of hardware in the loop simulation test equipment, can be used in automotive, aerospace, weapons, engineering machinery and other fields. Based on the NILab-VIEW\VeriStand software platform, the hardware of the high-performance PXI real-time simulation system hardware platform is built in the loop test system, and the controlled object of the user is modeled and simulated in Simulink, and it is run in the real-time system of the closed-loop work with the controller to realize the complex test of the automobile electric control unit.

Interconnectivity that is connected to the Internet, to achieve intelligent traffic management, intelligent dynamic information services and traffic control integration network, is a typical application of the Internet of things technology in the field of traffic system, is the mobile Internet, Internet of things to the business essence and deep development path, is the future information and communication, environmental protection, energy saving, security, development of fusion technology.

ECU(Electronic Control Unit) is one of the most important parts in modern vehicles, and its stability and reliability are crucial to the safety of vehicles. In addition to ensuring the reliability of ECU control strategy, it is also necessary to improve the quality and efficiency of the production line. Therefore, ECU needs to be tested and detected in detail, and the traceability of data is guaranteed. Based on years of testing and development experience, Huahai technology has independently developed SIM-PLTE equipment, which covers EOL, FCT and ETE (endurance testing equipment). The controller under test covers VCU, BMS, MCU, ABS, EPS, ESC, ADAS, HCU, FCU, BCM, etc.

Automobile R & D personnel need to monitor a large number of operation data and conduct performance analysis and parameter optimization according to the actual data in the vehicle commissioning process. Therefore, the performance of equipment such as signal acquisition, analysis, management and diagnosis indirectly determines the work efficiency and project schedule. For this reason, Huahai Technology has provided several devices that can be used for data acquisition, data management, network analysis, diagnosis and writing, measurement and calibration, etc. The display interface is friendly and the operation is simple, which provides convenience for debugging personnel to speed up the progress in the test and calibration stage.
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