Compared with the traditional automotive electronic control system, ADAS and automatic driving system have the following  features:
       •  The application scenarios of ADAS and autonomous driving system are the closed loop system of driver, vehicle and environment
       •  ADAS and autonomous driving system are directly related to vehicle performance, traffic environment characteristics and driver's safety behavior
       •  ADAS and autonomous driving systems need to work with other on-board control systems
       •  ADAS and automatic driving system need multi-sensor data acquisition and processing, data fusion to realize environmental perception

Due to the above characteristics, the test of ADAS and automatic driving system is different from the conventional on-board control system test technology:
       •  The driver is an important part of the ADAS and automatic driving system, the driver's subjective feeling much affected by the surrounding traffic environment, the conventional test method cannot provide real traffic environment to the driver's subjective feeling
       •  The real - car road test is more complex and is directly related to the security of the system. The real road test risk coefficient is relatively large, while the actual road traffic environment has low controllability, which has great uncertainty and non-repeatability
       •  ADAS and autonomous driving system have complex functions. The actual road test needs to design a large number of scenarios, and the workload is huge, which requires a lot of manpower and material resources, and requires rich implementation experience


Virtual driving test:
       •  Test based on virtual driving scenarios and operating conditions
       •  A 3d virtual traffic environment and intelligent vehicle model were established to carry out ADAS functional test
       •  By establishing the model to realize the virtual test of the driver in the loop test, the driver's collision avoidance and driving behavior characteristics are analyzed
       •  The pilot test and subjective evaluation can be carried out in combination with the pilot simulator
       •  Set up a traffic test scenario that conforms to Euro-NCAP and ISO standards

Field test:
       •  Develop test plan based on ADAS and automatic driving system
       •  The integration and modification of target vehicle based on ADAS and automatic driving system
       •  Test the complete functionality of the scenario coverage system
       •  The test scenarios cover different terrain roads, different weather, different lighting conditions
       •  Collect driver's operation, road condition and bus message

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