Huahai Technology has a fast-developing excellent team. Facing the huge market opportunities
brought by new energy and intelligence to the automotive electronic control field, it constantly
needs excellent personnel to join. We provide employees with opportunities for rapid growth
and development. The company is currently at the start-up stage and needs to work together
to survive. In the next ten years, we will develop into an outstanding company that cannot be
ignored in the global automotive electronics industry. We focus on technological development
and innovation, pursue excellent user experience, and advocate equal communication and teamwork.

The company focuses on recruiting energetic, diligent and talented young people.
At present, it has gathered graduates from well-known domestic universities
such as Tsinghua University and Beijing Institute of Technology.
Welcome to join such a young and energetic team to meet the
development and challenges of China's auto industry,  realize self-worth,
and create a better future together.

 Outsourcing technician salary: 300-400 yuan/day
Job Responsibilities: 1. According to the production documents provided by the hardware engineer, execute the Denso process documents, complete the PCB welding, Denso and production; 2. Carry out equipment system integration according to t...
 Intern Salary: 5K
Job Responsibilities: 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in automation, electronic information, automobile or related; 2. Participated in electronic design competition, intelligent car race, team experience is preferred; 3. Familiar with e...
 Cashier salary: 5K-6K
Job Responsibilities: 1.1 years or more working experience; 2. Responsible for the companys daily cashier work; 3. Assisted leaders to implement the job responsibilities and working standards of the Finance Department, and strengthened coo...
 Junior Embedded Software Engineer (2021) salary: 8K-15k
Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the development and debugging of embedded system driver and interface software; 2. Responsible for implementing embedded software code and writing technical documents; 3. Cooperate with hardware eng...
 COO Salary: negotiable
Job Responsibilities: Cooperate with CEO for the operation of the whole company; Coordinate and manage the companys marketing team to make the machine run more efficiently and achieve the companys strategic objectives. Job Requirements: 1....
 Salary of administrative personnel salary: 8K-13K
Job Responsibilities: 1. Assisted the superior in formulating the companys performance appraisal system, improved the performance appraisal system, and sorted out and optimized the performance management process; 2. Responsible for formula...
 Sales salary:Base salary 5K-13K+performance+commission
Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for developing automobile OEMs and spare parts customers, and maintaining customer relationship; 2. Responsible for the sales of the companys automotive electronics supporting products, consulting proje...
 Motor controller hardware engineer salary: 15-30K
Job responsibilities:1. Complete hardware schematic design and hardware documentation according to hardware requirements and hardware schemes; 2. Completed production line tracking, hardware debugging, test tracking, test tracking and other...
 FPGA engineer salary: 10K-30K
Job responsibilities:1. Responsible for project embedded software requirements development, programming design, coding implementation and module testing; 2. Responsible for project system software integration and system debugging; 3. Responsible for the upgrade of project integration module; 4. Propose new product development and software develo...
 Application Engineer Salary: 8K-18K
Job description:1. Responsible for the application matching development of the control system, pre-sales and after-sales work;2. Responsible for testing work before delivery and assisting customers to complete product delivery and acceptance ...
 Algorithm engineer salary: 12K-30K
Job responsibilities:1. Responsible for modeling and simulation of vehicles, chassis, engine and other systems;2. Responsible for modeling and simulation and control the marketing and technical support of related tools products;3. Responsible for ...
 Linux/C++ Software Engineer Salary: 12K-30K
Job responsibilities:1. Formulate plans for external publicity plans according to business and product development strategies;2. Planning, implementation and evaluation of various marketing activities;3. Assisted in the development ...
 Senior embedded software engineer Salary: 14k-30k
Job responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the development of automobile factory and parts customers and maintenance of customer relations;2. Responsible for the sales of the company's automotive electronics supporting products, consulting projects...
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