Vehicle Control Unit

The third generation of the Vehicle Control Unit, with NXP the latest generation of functional safety standard 32-bit
high-performancemulti-core processors, the Vehicle Control strategy model has been applied in many productionmodels,
can be fast matching of differentVehicle demand,optimization of energy management strategy, with functionsof remote sensei,
high-speed data flash, safety diagnosis,braking energy recovery and other features.
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Vehicle Control Unit
—— Vehicle Control Unit Abstract
The vehicle controller VCU is the center of energy management and torque coordination for pure electric vehicles. It plays a key role in the normal driving, starting control, driver interaction, braking energy recovery, network management, thermal management, fault diagnosis, vehicle status monitoring and display, overspeed protection, etc. it is the core component of electric vehicle control system. VCU is the core device to determine the driving performance, safety, energy consumption and power performance of pure electric vehicles.

—— Vehicle Control Unit System Input And Output

Type Description
System input Accelerator pedal position sensor (analog signal), brake pedal position sensor (switch signal / analog signal), gear position sensor (switch signal), vacuum sensor (analog signal / switch signal), air conditioning switch (switch signal), defrost switch (switch signal), charging state (switch signal), temperature sensor (analog signal), water pump rotation speed Speed (PWM signal), BMS status information (bus signal), MCU status information (bus signal), etc.
System output Booster pump enable (power switch / bus signal), vacuum pump relay (power switch), DCDC enable (power switch / bus signal), PTC relay (power switch), air conditioning compressor relay (power switch), fan relay (power switch), water pump relay (power switch), main relay (power switch), pump speed command (PWM signal) High voltage power on and off command (bus signal), motor steering and torque command (bus signal), VCU status information (bus signal), etc.
—— Controller Model For Vehicle Control Unit

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