Embedded Basic Software

As the core technology of automotive electronics, the embedded basic software of automotive electronics is the software foundation of automotive
electronic and electrical systems. The basic software EcoCoder of Huahai Technology builds a standardized basic software platform for users.
The functions of various software modules are independent of each other and the interfaces are compatible with each other. It can effectively
solve the problems of software reuse and maintenance cost rise faced by developers, improve software development efficiency, improve software
quality and reduce maintenance cost.
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Embedded Basic Software
—— Overview
The basic software needs to provide the interface between the control system MCU hardware and the application software at first, then it needs to carry out reasonable task scheduling for each functional module of the application software, then it needs to realize the monitoring and management of the controller hardware, and finally it needs to realize a series of standard protocols.

With reference to the open system architecture of automotive software, Huahai Technology has developed a number of low-level drivers of MCU that have been tested in mass production through years of accumulation, including basic IO drivers, CAN communication drivers, complex device drivers, CCP calibration protocols and other basic software. Through further integration, the basic software source code is parameterized, modularized, and the function interface is standardized, the basic software is tested and encapsulated, and the ECUCoder automatic code generation library is generated. Seamless integration of application software (ASW) and foundation software (BSW) is completely model based, bringing efficient, professional and reliable MCU software development solutions to the industry.
ECUCoder is a fully automatic code generation tool based on Simulink, which is used to configure ECU control algorithm model and basic software model, and generate product code automatically. Support the mainstream chips of automotive electronic control system from Freescale, Infineon, Italy and France. Ecucoder provides a powerful module library of basic software SIMULINK, which can configure basic software parameters conveniently and intuitively through friendly user interface, and generate basic software code automatically from Simulink model. Because the software can flexibly and deeply access and configure the basic software parameters, the basic software code generated by the model can support the two stages of controller rapid prototyping and product development. The core value of ecucoder is to reduce the development time of controller basic software from several months to several hours.

ECUCoder automatic code generation tool:
ECUCoder is a full-automatic code generation tool based on Simulink, which is used to configure ECU control algorithm model and basic software model, and automatically generate product code. Users do not need manual programming or manual code integration. They only need to use the module provided by ECUCoder to build the model. The software can flexibly and deeply access and configure the basic software parameters to generate the model The basic software code can support two phases of controller rapid prototyping and product development. The figure below is a top-level schematic diagram of a control model based on ECUCoder.

ECUCoder fully automatic code generation software

—— The Main Features of ECUCoder:
•  Automatic code generation of basic software and application software at the same time, without manual integration
•  The model automatically optimizes the configuration without manually setting the Simulink configuration parameters
•  The powerful GUI interface can directly access and configure the whole basic software from the model
•  The compiler is called automatically in the background without manual intervention
•  The code is reliable, the code readability and the execution efficiency is good
•  At the same time, chip level module library and controller level module library are provided to support users to develop controller hardware independently
—— UDS on CAN protocol stack and diagnostic software solution:
According to the user's diagnostic function development requirements based on UDS on CAN controller, Huahai technology solution is adopted, including three parts: ECU protocol stack implementation code, diagnostic software and test cases. According to the main chip, communication bus type and communication protocol of ECU, the protocol stack is cut and combined.
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Provide customized software development based on functional safety standards:

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