Transmission Control System

The main purpose of automobile transmission is to solve the contradiction between the speed and torque of engine output and the speed and torque
required by vehicle driving. Therefore, the driving performance of vehicle depends not only on the engine, but also on the transmission and the matching
of transmission and engine. At the same time, reasonable control of variable speed box can make engine performance play its best.

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Transmission Control System
—— Overview
The automatic transmission can realize automatic starting and shifting, improve driving comfort and reduce driver fatigue. Automatic transmission can also improve vehicle power performance, improve fuel economy and emissions, has gradually become the basic configuration of modern vehicles.

This solution can support a variety of common automatic transmission types on the market, including:

•  Automatic mechanical transmission (AMT)    
•  Mechanical continuously variable transmission (CVT)    
•  Hydraulic mechanical automatic transmission (AT)   
•  Dual clutch automatic transmission (DCT)
Common automatic transmission types
—— Application Software Solutions
ATMaster is a control algorithm model for automatic transmission. It is developed based on MATLAB / Simulink, which can realize the control of automatic transmission with different actuators. The model adopts modular structure with clear hierarchical structure. The corresponding function modules can be added or reduced according to different actuators to meet the control requirements of target automatic transmission.

ATMaster is a control algorithm model specially used for automatic transmission TCU. The overall structure of the model is as follows:


The advantages of using atmaster as TCU application software solution for automatic transmission mainly include:
•  Automatic control algorithm with transmission as the core
•  The algorithm has strong adaptability and can match automatic transmissions of different types of actuators
•  Based on MATLAB / Simulink, the model has clear hierarchy and good readability
•  The modular model structure makes it easy to cut or add functional modules on demand

—— Classic Case


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