Fuel Cell Engine Control System

Fuel cell engine (FCE) controller (FCU) is the brain of FCE, which is responsible for monitoring and managing the gas management system,
electric management system, water management system, thermal management system, communication function and fault diagnosis of fuel
cell engine. FCE is a complex system involving many disciplines, such as electrics, hydrodynamics, thermodynamics, electrotechnics and
automatic control, Its control performance is directly related to the safety and efficiency of the system.

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Fuel Cell Engine Control System
—— Overview
FCE is composed of fuel cell stack and auxiliary equipment. A typical hydrogen fuel cell engine structure is shown in the figure below. Fuel cell stack is the core of fuel cell engine, which determines the voltage, current and power of fuel cell engine. The auxiliary equipment includes air supply system, hydrogen supply system and water heat balance system.

—— Basic Function
FCE controller is the brain of FCE, which controls the safe and reliable operation of FCE. The functions of FCE controller include gas management, electric management, water management, thermal management, communication function and fault diagnosis.

—— Technical Capability
•  Consulting service of FCU control prototype and control algorithm      
•  FCU hardware in the loop supply and testing services   
•  Fuel cell system development consulting services   
•  Development of fuel cell control system consulting service

—— Control Strategy Development Consulting Service
As the core of fuel cell electric vehicle, fuel cell engine system is mainly composed of fuel cell stack, hydrogen supply system, air supply and humidification system, cooling water management system, security alarm system, communication monitoring system, etc. The fuel cell stack must work efficiently and stably under certain conditions, such as controlling the appropriate temperature, keeping the proton exchange membrane always in a moist state, and supplying sufficient hydrogen and air.

Huahai technology can provide consulting services for the development of key functional strategies to ensure the normal operation of fuel cell engines, including:

•  Fuel cell system control strategy 
•  Control strategy of hydrogen system    
•  Air system scheme control strategy    
•  Control strategy of thermal management system   
•  Control strategy of hydrogen safety system

—— Fuel Cell Model And Test Service
In order to realize the closed-loop test of fuel cell system controller, it is necessary to build the physical model of fuel cell system and vehicle model. The model will be built according to the structure of fuel cell system, and the project parameters obtained from previous project experience.

—— Classic Case

Development of fuel cell vehicle / engine control strategy


Fuel cell vehicle/engine control strategy development

Development of control strategy for national 863 fuel cell bus

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