Powertrain HIL

As the core components of electric vehicles, VCU, BMS, and MCU need to do a lot of tests to verify the control strategy
before the whole vehicle goes on the market. 
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Powertrain HIL
—— Overview
As the core components of electric vehicles, VCU, BMS, and MCU need to do a lot of tests to verify the control strategy before the whole vehicle goes on the market. The SimCar new energy electronic control test platform developed by Huahai Technology can carry out extensive testing and evaluation of the new energy three-electric control system. At present, many cases have been accumulated in new energy vehicles.

—— System Function
•  Meet the new energy vehicle VCU、MCU、BMS independent test ability
•  Can simulate the characteristics of sensors in new energy vehicles, collect the control signals of actuators and load feedback signals when necessary
•  Can simulate various hardware faults for VCU, MCU, BMS. through fault injection equipment for fault diagnosis test
•  Can simulate various operating conditions of motors, batteries, vehicles, etc. through models
•  Support CAN, LIN, Ethernet and other bus communication tests, support node failure and message failure simulation
•  Support human-computer interaction function development and testing
•  Support automated testing and generate test reports
•  Co simulation test of vehicle controller VCU, motor controller MCU and Battery Management System BMS
•  Support the function expansion of the third party board

—— System Structure

—— BMS Testing Solution
System functions
•  Simulation of battery modules or cells
•  BMS balance, insulation and SOC estimation algorithm verification
•  BMS power on and off, high voltage fault diagnosis and verification
•  BMS charge and discharge, high voltage safety test
•  Communication and function verification based on real vehicle conditions
•  Battery temperature simulation, insulation detection
•  Support CAN, LIN, SENT, daisy chain, Ethernet and other communication protocols

System parameters

System structure

—— MCU Test Solution
System functions
•  Simulation of motor and IGBT;
•  Support multiple motor types such as permanent magnet synchronous motors and induction motors;
•  Motor controller control function test;
•  Fault simulation (phase loss, IGBT short circuit open circuit, LOS/DOS/LOT, etc.)
•  The simulation model runs in FPGA, and the model simulation step is ≤2us;
•  Detailed IGBT model, which can simulate various electrical faults of IGBT;
•  The resolver, three-phase current, and acquisition of high-frequency motor control signals required for high-speed simulation of motors.

Option 1: FPGA height motor simulation based on OPAL-RT

Option 2: Based on JMAG's finite element accurate simulation model, accurately simulate the temperature, magnetic field saturation, electromagnetic torque and other characteristics of the motor:

—— Expand


System composition
•  Driving simulator
•  Dynamometer bench
•  Real battery pack
•  Battery simulator
•  Battery charge and discharge simulator

System functions
•  Can realize the signal-level simulation of VCU, BMS, MCU, FCU, that is, the individual simulation and joint simulation of VCU, BMS, MCU
•  Realize the mechanical test of motor drive system
•  Charge and discharge test of battery pack

System features
•  Driving simulator can simulate driver's habits and road environment more realistically
•  According to different test requirements, different test combinations can be selected to meet the requirements of single component test, system level test, signal level test, power level test, and power system matching research

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