Intelligent Networked Vehicle Control System

Intelligent vehicle control system is a complicated system, which has a lot of work to develop and high difficulty. Based on Rapidecu,
Huahai Technology proposes a simpler and safer solution for intelligent networked vehicle control system.
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Intelligent Networked Vehicle Control System
—— Overview
Intelligent networked vehicles use on-board sensors to sense the surrounding environment of vehicles, and control the steering and speed of vehicles according to the road, vehicle position and obstacle information obtained by the perception, so that the vehicle can drive safely and reliably on the road. It integrates many technologies, such as automatic control, architecture, artificial intelligence, visual computing and so on. It is the product of highly developed computer science, pattern recognition and intelligent control technology, and is the concentrated embodiment of interdisciplinary and multi field technical cooperation. As the future development direction of automobile, the intelligent network connected vehicle has a profound impact on the automobile industry and even the transportation industry. The advent of intelligent network vehicles will bring disruptive changes in enhancing highway safety, alleviating traffic congestion and reducing air pollution.

The intelligent networked vehicle control system is a complex system, the development workload is heavy and the difficulty is high. Based on rapidecu, Huahai Technology Co., Ltd. proposes a simpler and safer solution for intelligent networked vehicle control system.The embedded vehicle computing platform rapidecu-AI1, which is developed by Huahai Technology Co., Ltd., can enable users to complete the development of ECU prototype prototype of intelligent Internet connected vehicle in a few weeks. The core technology of Huahai technology is the environment perception algorithm and driving decision algorithm based on deep learning, which provides integrated development services for intelligent connected vehicles. In the whole system development process, it is realized according to the requirements of functional safety ISO26262 standard, which makes the realization of the intelligent control system easier and safer.

The electrical structure of intelligent networked vehicle control system is shown in the following figure:


Schematic diagram of electric structure of intelligent network connected vehicle

—— Architecture Of On Board Computer Control System
The vehicle intelligent networked vehicle control system is mainly composed of three parts: algorithm end, user end and cloud end. The algorithm side includes sensing, sensing and decision-making; the user end includes the operating system and hardware platform; the cloud includes data storage, simulation calculation, high-precision mapping and deep learning model training.

On board computing control system architecture of intelligent networked vehicle

Solution of vehicle gauge level intelligent network computing platform

—— Classic Case

Modification of an automatic driving system for a passenger car

Intelligent driving logistics vehicle

Autonomous formula car

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