Functional Safety

With the popularity of automobile electronic system, and constantly improve the situation, to the complexity of system failure, failure safety problems
such as component has attracted more and more attention gradually, huahai science and technology as the power system components suppliers also
introduced the function of safety system, the relevant safety standards for ISO26262 function is studied, and its process is introduced into the control
system development.
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Functional Safety
—— Overview
Iso26262 is derived from the basic standard IEC61508 for functional safety of electronic, electrical and programmable devices. It is mainly positioned in specific electrical devices, electronic equipment, programmable electronic devices and other components specifically used in the automotive industry, aiming to improve the international standard of functional safety of automotive electronics and electrical products.
Iso26262 has been formally formulated since November 2005. It has been about 6 years since it was officially promulgated in November 2011 and has become an international standard. China is also actively working out the corresponding national standards.

—— Functional Safety Management
Product safety life cycle model

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