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Solution overview

Self-driving cars (Autonomous Vehicles), also called driverless cars or wheeled mobile robot is a kind of intelligent electronic control system of unmanned intelligent Vehicles. Since the 21st century, with the artificial intelligence, computer vision, radar, network communication technology, global positioning system (GPS) the breakthrough development of key technologies such as practical trends, self-driving technology become each big makers and technology companies compete for key areas of research and development of the future market.

The development and application of self-driving cars need to go through a lot of engineering tests and road tests. On March 18, 2018 in the evening local time, Arizona a woman is driven by the step optimum automatic died after a car, this is the world's first automatic driving vehicle road test of deadly accidents. Due to the development of the automatic driving technology also need a long time, how to through effective technical means, set up laboratory development platform, to establish a standardization development process, improve the security in the process of development, to minimize casualties and economic loss is formed in the actual road test, avoid harm society and technology development, became an important technical problem.
Huahai technology and world famous brand of virtual simulation technology Realtime Technologies, developed a set of the virtual experiment for self-driving cars field simulation testing solution, CAN be simulated in the laboratory environment and vehicles, all kinds of roads, traffic scene with real vehicle I/O and CAN and Ethernet interface, through mathematical physics simulation model of high fidelity and high real time capability of software and hardware platform, building, the closed-loop control system of vehicle closed-loop test test, pilot test, scene closed-loop test, Allows developers to as much as possible in a lab environment realistic simulation of various extreme scenarios and complex working conditions, emersion fault occurs, fault injection simulation, and record and analysis of the development process more secure, more efficient and lower cost.

introduction of the project


1) driving scene simulation software SimCreator
As the core software of vehicle driving simulator, SimCreator can provide it with high-fidelity real-time simulation environment. It is a Windows based graphical modeling software, with a component standard library for basic mathematical operations and signals. The software mainly manages the communication between all related subsystems, including vision, scene control, audio, motion, control loading and data acquisition. It has the following advantages:
       •  convenient to configure 3D scene and vehicle model of driving simulation
       •  support the integration of any third-party vehicle model and sports platform
       •  easy to create custom parts
       •  various communication interfaces, such as CAN,ETHENET, etc

2) apply scene library and control software ExACCT
ExACCT is the latest scenario and experimental setup software developed by RTI. This new graphical user interface (GUI) allows researchers to quickly develop test scenarios using predefined configurable behavior. Using ExACCT's simulation control panel, researchers can select the desired action and then run the scenario for validation.

a. Advantages of using ExACCT software include:
       •  intuitive interface design for experimental verification
       •  real-time interaction with the simulated map view
       •  activate motor behavior at any time
       •  fully support OpenDRIVE road data
       •  two complete databases, called "GenericWorld" and "Linear Land"
       •  predefined action library for fast construction of experimental scenarios

b. basic action control includes:
       •  traffic environment control
       •  pedestrian movement control
       •  weather and time control
       •  playing sound
       •  basic traffic light control
ExACCT software is mainly used for structures, traffic scene, the definition of traffic objects in the scene of the action, such as vehicle trajectory (in a way, overtaking, straight, etc.), bicycle movement track (straight, falls, etc.), pedestrian movement, etc., to provide users with a friendly man-machine interface, can pass the mouse drag and drop the realization of the convenient traffic things, in the form of action definition.
For example, in road scene, can define the bike straight, car door burst open and lead to traffic incident of bicycle falls, the definition method as shown in the figure below, and check by real-time animation, as defined by the action is in accordance with the requirements:

The RTI includes an additional module called SimDriver. SimDriver module supports the comprehensive vertically or horizontally on the subject or their vehicle control, use SimDriver, can be achieved from autopilot to manual driving control transfer, and the corresponding human factors research, to study such as reliability, automatic driving cars in the automation interface usability and autopilot fault and related problems.

3) virtual test field -- hardware platform of driving simulator
       •  cockpit and driving signal acquisition system
       •  base motion control computer and steering wheel force feedback system
       •  vehicle dynamics computing computer (one or more)
       •  graphics rendering computer (one or more)
       •  image projection system and sound system


Typical cases


Auto industry after nearly a century of development, in the process of road test the news of the accident and casualty is still common, as automakers branding process, pay more attention to social responsibility and control of security risks, has a strict requirements for technical development.

Due to the increasing complexity of vehicle control software, in order to avoid safety accidents and improve reliability, simulation testing technology has been widely used in the development of vehicle control software. By means of simulation test technology in the development process can be minimize risk and safety accident, an accident may be for a company or a family to bring fatal blow, leading foreign carmakers attaches great importance to this technology, the development of technology and the actual road test carefully,
huahai technologies hopes to work with domestic and foreign enterprises, work together for the simulation test technology in the process of developing the applications in automatic driving a car, build laboratory development platform, standardize the development process, to make the process of technological progress more friendly, more secure.


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