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Intelligent network-linked vehicle driving simulation system
Recently huahai technologies for custom development in chongqing university of science and technology of intelligent made delivery vehicle driving simulation system, the system is located in the center of chongqing university automobile collaborative innovation human-computer interaction and wearable laboratory, is the domestic first set of support many cars and bicycles connected to the driving simulation system, will help researchers at the university of chongqing to conduct research and development in the field of intelligent made cars, to design and evaluate the human-computer interaction system, wearable devices, car and driving safety, for engineering and networking in the fields of scientific research and talent cultivation.

Three simulators are connected to the network driving simulation in the same traffic scenario
The program the Realtime (RTI) and its sole partner of China, Beijing jiuzhou huahai technology co., LTD. (huahai technologies) in chongqing university intelligent made cars and human-computer interaction research needs, provide complete turnkey solutions and efficient, high quality of local after-sales service. The intelligent network-connected vehicle driving simulation experiment platform consists of three parts: one driving simulator, two driving simulator and bicycle simulator. The simulation platform can realize the simulation of road traffic conditions, combined with high precision multi-body vehicle dynamics model, with a friendly man-machine interactive interface, easy to study driving, sharing, and can realize the road scene network simulator loaded RTI provides automated driving algorithm, which can realize the simulation of vehicle automated driving.

According to the site facilities provided by chongqing university, the layout of huahai technologies planning laboratory for chongqing university is as follows:

Laboratory layout
A two-seater simulator, a single-seater simulator, a bicycle simulator, and laboratory monitoring equipment are located in the room shown above.
After the debugging of professional technicians, the equipment has been delivered for acceptance. As shown in the figure below:

Two-seater vehicle simulator

Bicycle simulator and single vehicle simulator
The main users, after a week's training, have been able to complete the basic operation of the equipment and the use of software:
       •  Basic operation of RTI series software;
       •  Create a custom software model using SimCreator;
       •  Introduce the SimCreator model used in this project, and be able to change and develop again;
       •  Build a common visual database (3d scenario) in SimVista;
       •  Add behavior to the visual database using JavaScript.

According to the project plan, the laboratory has been able to complete the following research tasks:
       •  Study on the man-machine interaction of a single vehicle in a designated driving environment;
       •  When three simulators are connected to work in the same traffic scene, they simulate the simulation in high real time;
       •  Research on the development of intermediate control instrument and its influence on driver's behavior;
       •  Combined with other people's factor analysis equipment, such as the user-specified d-lab system, interactive communication through TCP/IP and joint analysis of driver behavior;
       •  The influence of autonomous vehicle on the behavior of the driver and other vehicles.
Driving simulators (virtual test sites) provide technology that runs through the entire vehicle development process, from design to evaluation. In the design phase, SimVehicle LT software tools can paint many kinds of cars through modeling simulation, simulation and operation by RTI SimCreator and SimObserver play a major role, SimVista by graphical modeling draw all kinds of road and traffic scene. SimCreator is a vivid and clear real-time simulation and modeling system that can develop distributed simulation models quickly and conveniently. ExACCT provides menus and toolkits to facilitate research and experimentation.

Composition of virtual test field


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