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Huahai technologies controller development platform to help
From November 12 to 17, 2017, 43 trolleybuses, 78 tanker trucks and 7 driverless cars gathered at xiangyang dream race course to participate in the "China formula university car competition". All participating students team to develop a formula to conform to the rules, in the car design, and manufacturing cost analysis, marketing plea, linear acceleration, eight around the ring, the obstacle avoidance, durability and efficiency test eight projects launched a fierce competition.

The curtain has just opened, and the scene is boiling. The steps of youth, the speed of youth, the vigor of youth and the passion of youth are vividly reflected in them.

Several team presented huahai technology development platform provided by the controller and the relevant development training, technical support, we work together, working together, after a year of hard work and pay, sponsored by the team Numbers for E08 - guangdong university of technology with a total of 784.06. 2017 Chinese university students trolley formula (FSEC) championship; 2017 unmanned driving competition (FSAC) E07- Beijing university of technology won the overall champion and won all the individual champion.

▲ FSEC team champion team   Guangdong university of technology

▲ FSAC team champion team   Beijing university of technology
In addition, huahai technologies also for Harbin industrial university (weihai), jilin university, institute of automobile industry of hubei province, deer mountain of guangxi university of science and technology institute, tongji university, liaoning university of technology, southeast university and other universities sponsoring the vehicle controller rapid prototyping suite, and provide technical advice and other related services, in the game, they also got good grades.

Part of the season is as follows:

Vehicle Number


Total Grade
1 E08 Guangdong university of technology 784.06
4 E01 Harbin Institute of Technology 725.47
5 E04 Jilin university 713.89
6 E29 Hubei university of automobile industry 692.63
8 E05 Deer mountain of guangxi university of science and technology college 686.93
10 E03 Tongji university 644.25
11 E02 Liaoning university of technology 623.33

Rank Vehicle Number College
1 E07 Beijing Institute of Technology
▲ Sponsor the college season

In the new season, huahai technologies sincerely hope that the students can keep up the good work, and constantly improve the embedded control software development based on the model and the system control technology level, efforts to improve the car technology level and the strength of the team, to move forward towards a world class team objectives, huahai technologies will continue to enable support for autonomous vehicle control technology development.

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