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2017 changshu international intelligent car week briefing
The "2017 changshu international intelligent car week" event held in changshu international expo center from November 22 to 24, 2017 has come to a successful conclusion. Huahai science and technology shows the "driving simulation solution", "intelligent snatched automobile electronic control system development solution" and "control system based on functional safety solution", etc. During the exhibition, our technicians explained advanced software and driving simulation technology on site, which was used for the research and product development in the fields of Internet of vehicles, human-computer interaction and traffic safety.

China intelligent vehicle congress and national intelligent vehicle development BBS, the 9th China intelligent vehicle future challenge. It brings together cutting-edge innovation and technology in the field of smart cars in China, and brings together government officials, business and technical elites in the field of smart cars and intelligent transportation in China. At the same time, it has attracted a lot of audiences to visit and exchange at huahai science and technology exhibition platform, laying a foundation for further communication and cooperation in the future.

The 12th China intelligent transportation annual conference opens

Japanese electric installation experts introduce the technical route of electric vehicle intelligent products

Experts and scholars attended the meeting to listen to cutting-edge reports in the field of intelligent transportation

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