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E-core is an embedded real-time operating system based on graphical programming.

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—— Overview
With the development of automotive electronics to network and intelligence, the functions of automotive electronic control system continue to expand, the logic is becoming more and more complex, and the communication between subsystems is becoming more and more frequent. The embedded system has been effectively applied in automobile control system, communication system, navigation system, security system and entertainment system. It meets the requirements of strong real-time, high reliability and maintainability of automotive electronics. It provides a unified architecture for the development of vehicle and parts, which fully reflects the advantages of component-based, standardized, integrated and reusable.

—— E-core is based on the Embedded Real-time Operating System of Graphical Programming
E-core is an embedded real-time operation system based on graphical programming. The operating system follows the principle of minimum running time consumption, flexible configuration, low resource consumption, customizable and extensible operating platform with good performance. Its characteristics are as follows:
•  Support multi-core chip, meet functional safety requirements
•  Support SC1、 SC2、 SC3、 SC4
•  Full preemption, non preemption and hybrid scheduling are supported
•  Support 64 level task priority, 255 tasks, 255 resources, 16 application modes and 32 events

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