Domain Control Unit

The domain control unit consists of control module, sensing module and autonomous driving planning module, realizing
precise control and coordination of each subsystem.

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Domain Control Unit
—— Overview of Domain Control Unit DCU
Domain control unit DCU is the product of the continuous development of semiconductor technology and vehicle electronic and electrical EE architecture,By using the domain control unit, the design of the vehicle electronic and electrical EE architecture can be more optimized,OEMs can improve the scalability of the vehicle topology, the security of the vehicle, and the confidentiality of the vehicle network data.Therefore, domain controllers are becoming more and more important in the electronic and electrical EE architecture of modern vehicles.

The domain control unit is used in sensor data fusion/forwarding management, vehicle dynamics control, construction of anthropomorphic virtual driver,It has certain advantages in vehicle decision control, vehicle network communication management, system status monitoring, fault diagnosis and failure protection.

—— Application of Domain Control Unit DCU
•  The vehicle domain
•  Power domain
•  ADAS domain
•  Chassis domain
•  The vehicle Body domain
•  HMI domain

—— The Control Unit Model For The Domain Control Unit DCU 

① RapidECU-D1

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