RapidECU - E series

The E series hardware platform mainly for engine control system development and mass production.

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—— RapidECU-E3
Rapidecu-E3 supports intake manifold injection gasoline engine ECU,LPG/CNG/LNG engine ECU,Production-level prototype controller for rapid development of solutions,Engine ECU prototype development will be completed within a few weeks,Achieving engine starting, idle, acceleration and deceleration and other basic conditions.
• RapidECU-E3 Application Characteristics
Can be used in LNG/CNG/LPG engine,Manifold injection gasoline engine, single cylinder gasoline engine, rotor engine, etc.
Basic Parameters
Micro controller
MPC5634, 32-bit,Main frequency 80MHz, hardware floating-point unit
SRAM 94KB,Flash 1.5MB
Power Supply
Power supply voltage: 9V~32V, 1 external wake-up signal
3 channels 5V sensor power supply, including 1 channel 300mA, 1 channel 100mA, 1 channel 50mA
21 analog input channels, including 15 voltage input (active sensor), 6 resistance input (passive sensor)
15 switch input, 6 high effective, 9 low effective
8 channels of frequency input, including 4 channels of magnetoelectric sensor signal, 4 channels of Hall sensor signal
2 crankshaft position signal input (2 input channels mutually exclusive), respectively support Hall sensor and magnetoelectric sensor
2 camshaft position signal input (2 input channels mutually exclusive), respectively support Hall sensor and magnetoelectric sensor
2 way ordinary oxygen sensor input;1 way linear oxygen sensor input;2 way knock sensor input
4 way high side drive output, including 2 way compatible switch mode and PWM mode
12 way low side drive output, 4 way compatible PWM working mode
5 PWM outputs, of which 3 are multiplexed with the low-side drive output pin and 2 are multiplexed with the high-side drive output pin
6 way fuel injection drive output
6-way ignition logic signal output
1 electronic throttle motor drive output
Communication 2 way CAN,CAN2.0B,ISO11898
Environment Protection grade: IP67, working temperature: -40℃~+85℃, weight about 350g
Climate environmental protection in line with ISO16750-4, chemical environmental protection in line with ISO16750-5
Vibration, impact and drop tests comply with ISO16750-3
EMC Characteristics
ESD Air ESD test and contact ESD test comply with ISO 10605-2008 related requirements
BCI The immunity of electromagnetic radiation meets the relevant requirements of GB/T 17619-1998
CE Conducted disturbance characteristics in accordance with GB/T 18655-2010 related requirements
RE The radiation disturbance characteristics meet the relevant requirements of GB/T 18655-2010
CI The immunity of electrical transient conduction along the power line complies with the relevant requirements of ISO 7637-2:2004

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