Hardware in the loop

SimCar hardware in the loop test system is a complete set of hardware for testing the functions of electronic control unit, system integration and communication in the ring simulation test equipment, which can be used in automotive, aviation, weapons, engineering machinery and other fields.


       SimCar hardware in loop test system is used to test the function, system integration and communication of electronic control unit (ECU) a complete set of hardware in the loop simulation test equipment, can be used in automotive, aerospace, weapons, engineering machinery and other fields. Based on NILabVIEW \ VeriStand software platform, hardware platform to build high-performance PXI real-time simulation system of hardware in loop test system, in view of the user controlled object modeling simulation in Simulink, and its running on work with closed loop controller in the real-time system, the implementation of complex electronic control unit (ECU) for vehicle test.

SimCar hardware in loop test system


       The hardware in the loop test system consists of three parts: real-time hardware simulation platform, test management software and real-time simulation model of vehicle dynamics, and the system composition diagram is shown as follows:

HIL system structure diagram


        •  Simulate the various working conditions of the controlled object, including the limit condition;
        •  Simulation of complex fault mode and quick recovery failure mode;
        •  The partial testing process was separated from the traditional test bench;
        •  Implement integration testing of multiple controllers;
        •  Automated test and generate test report, shorten test cycle;
        •  Easy to maintain and extend test capability.


        •  Pure electric vehicle control unit
        •  Automatic transmission control unit
        •  Battery management system
        •  Body control unit BCM
        •  Motor control unit
        •  Engine control unit
        •  Hybrid vehicle control unit
        •  Automobile anti-lock braking system

MCU hardware in loop test system
       Motor control unit (MCU) hardware in the loop (HIL) simulation test system mainly includes: hardware test equipment, test equipment, software management software and automatic test software (experiment), the system simulation model and the HIL system integration services.

        •  The parameters of the motor model are based on FEA calculation and high precision, which can fully reflect the non-linearity of the motor;
        •  It can accurately simulate the variation of the motor parameters with the saturation characteristic of the electromagnetic field;
        •  It can accurately simulate the variation of the motor parameters with the saturation characteristic of the electromagnetic field;
        •  Based on FPGA high-speed simulation, the model simulation speed is less than 2us;
        •  Support the motor data based on JMAG based RTT format and support multiple motor types;
        •  The high speed analog motor needs the rotary change, the three-phase current and the high frequency control signal.

VCU hardware  in the loop test system
       The vehicle control unit(VCU) is the core component of the new energy vehicle, and the performance of the VCU controller directly affects the power, safety and economy of the vehicle. VCU hardware in the loop (HIL) simulation test system can effectively solve the requirements of the VCU testing phase.

        •  VCU control function test;
        •  Extreme operating condition test;
        •  Control parameter calibration;
        •  Control bus network test;
        •  Regression testing;
        •  Endurance testing;
        •  Fault diagnosis and response function test.

System composition
        •  Real-time processor and IO board card;
        •  Optional network test equipment;
        •  Fault injection and load simulation unit;
        •  Upper computer management software;
        •  Real-time simulation model.

BMS hardware in the loop test system
       In the power system of electric vehicle, power accumulator is always an important part of technology. BMS controller is an important link for connecting battery pack, vehicle system and motor, and its function reliability and safety must be strictly tested.

        •  BMS function test, including sampling, alarm, estimation, communication, control function, etc.
        •  Battery module or monomer simulation;
        •  Battery equalization, insulation and SOC estimation validation;
        •  Battery charging and discharging, high voltage safety test;
        •  Communication and function verification based on real - vehicle condition. 

System composition
        •  System composition
        •  Real-time simulation model;
        •  Single battery simulation;
        •  High-pressure system simulation;
        •  Real-time processor and IO board card. 

System components
        •  Accurate battery temperature and insulation detection;
        •  Control of upper and lower voltage and pre-charge relay;
        •  The characteristics of each cell are simulated accurately, and each sensor is simulated.
        •  Meet the communication protocols of CAN, LIN and SENT.
New energy vehicle powertrain simulation test laboratory
       In order to realize the function of the new energy automotive powertrain system test, the need to build " three power (VCU HIL, BMS HIL and MCU HIL)" hardware in the loop system, to achieve the performance verification, fault recurrence, shorten the development cycle, reduce development costs.

        •  Performance test of driving system under limit condition;
        •  Development and verification of vehicle control strategy;
        •  Vehicle fault diagnosis and response function test;
        •  Power battery performance test;
        •  Motor performance test;
        •  Basic performance evaluation of motor control unit;
        •  Functional test of battery management system;
        •  Motor simulation road condition test;
        •  Verification of motor control unit function algorithm;
        •  Support driver online control input, test the system performance under real driving conditions.

System components
        •  BMS HIL simulation test system;
        •  MCU HIL simulation test system;
        •  VCU/HCU HIL simulation test system;
        •  Driving simulator.

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